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Artists in, Sausalito, the San Francisco Bay Area, Marin County, Northern California and all of Ca. are talented, diversified and eclectic.

Unfortunately, many of these talented artists are not offered the opportunity  to exhibit their art works in “Brick & Mortar” galleries.  These physical galleries are a type of venue that has been reduced in number and access because of today's economic environment.  

This website introduces collectors an opportunity to visit many “art galleries” that are actually contained within artists studios.   

The only difference is the convenience to access,  the commercial retail gallery, is readily available to walk in traffic. The artist’s studio-galleries, are generally open twice a year to the public. Afterwards you are encouraged to make an appointment, to meet the artist and view their current inventory of art works in their studio art gallery.  A collector or interested party receives the benefit of a personal artist connection.   

Many of the artists in this open-studios-gallery venue are prominent local, regional, or state residents who are well known to exhibit in major art festivals, and open studio events.   

This is your opportunity to initiate your own access to highly qualified, professional fine artists.

The following art categories will be exhibited:

3-Dimensonial, Abstract Paintings, Acrylics, Animal Portraits, African Art,
Aqualine Figure Scroll Paintings, Bronze Sculpture, Ceramics Glazed, Clay, Copper, Encaustics, Fabric Design, Fantasy Art, Fashion Design, Fiber, Figure Paintings, Figurative Paintings, Fine glass, Folk Art, Functional Art Wood Furniture, Giclee Print and Processing, Gourds, Handmade Paper Collage, Handmade Silver Jewelry, Handmade Quilts, Humorous Funny Whimsical, Illustration, Impressionism, Indian, Interior Art and Design.

Japanese traditional landscape still life, Landscape, Marine, Mixed Media, Mobil Sculptures, Murals, Mystical, Native American, Neo Impressionism, Oceanscapes, Oils, Open Air Colorist, Pastel Landscape, Pen and Pencil Drawings Sketches, Photographic Prints, Photography, Plein Air, Pointillism, Portraits, Prints and lithographs.

Romantic Realism, Russian Impressionist Traditional, Sculptured Marble and Stone, Seascapes, Shona Stone Art Sculptures, Stained Glass, Stainless Steel and Bronze Sculpture, Still Life's, Surreal, Tribal, Traditionalist, Watercolor, Wall, Wilderness and Nature Photographer, Wood Sculpturest.

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